Kyykkäliiga signup open on Sunday 13.12.

03.12.2020 18:23

Kyykkäliiga is an academic sports league of kyykkä for students all around Tampere. The games are played during January and February of 2021. Kyykkäliiga consists of three different series: The League, Casual series and Club series.

In every series, we collect players stats, which you will see in Kyykkäliiga’s website Based on those stats we will give trophies after Kyykkäliiga. One player can’t play in The League and in Casual series at same time, but participating in another one of these and Club series is allowed and your stats can be collected separately from these series.

The League (Kyykkäliiga) is targeted towards more experienced players who want to challenge the very best teams in the academic Kyykkä in Tampere. The players choose their times to play and they judge their games by themselves. The most desired price in The League is its championship trophy Kullitettu Karttu (Golden Karttu).

Casual series (Divari) is for those who want to learn how to play kyykkä. It’s most suitable for people who are new to kyykkä or want to play a more casual style. In this series, the games follow a guided schedule, which is created by organizers. Before the start of the season there will be a session where introduction to kyykkä and point system are given.

A third option Club series (Puljusarja) is to gather a team from a guild or a club, if you want to challenge who is the best among guilds and clubs. There’s no upper limit in the club team, but eight (8) persons are the maximum participants whose stats can be registered. Like in the Casual series, the games are scheduled and judged by the organizers. In this series, the group spirit and having fun together are almost as important as playing kyykkä. If you and your guid or club friends want to represent your pulju, then don’t be afraid to join! Puljusarja also has its challenge cup, PuljuPysti (literally translated TubTrophy), which can shine proudly in your club or guild room or in another hanging place of the association.

Website is still almost only in Finnish but we try our best to translate everything necessary.

Sign-up opens on Sunday 13.12. at 12:00 at Price for all series: 30e/team (TAKS membership is not included so that fees are easily manageable) Participants: 4-8 players/team (except Puljusarja 4-∞) Sign-up instructions are found in here

If you have something to ask, please do it in our telegram or send an email to We are also in Facebook and Instagram Telegram of Kyykkäliiga